20:20 Visions with the Corrymeela Community

We are delighted to have been appointed by The Corrymeela Community as graphic recorders for the 20:20 Visions project.

20:20 Visions will connect with over 2000 people in an innovative process that will nurture an understanding and vision of a shared future where sectarianism is not the norm.

The project comes out of Corrymeela’s considerable experience in developing creative approaches. 20:20Visions will use an adaptation of Appreciative Inquiry as a foundation for a programme of dialogue workshops. Graphic Recording will capture the learning and this will be disseminated through social media. A postcard question will be developed to capture the thoughts of those who are at the Corrymeela Residential Centre throughout the lifespan of the project. The Arts and specifically poetry and storytelling will be used to widen the project impact and spread the learning.