Artsekta You Me & Tea Project

You, Me and Tea explored and shared the heritage of tea in the north of Ireland and its role in the people’s lives, including first- and second-generation migrant individuals and families. quarto were commissioned to deliver an oral history training course for volunteers. We took a total of 12 volunteers through a process exploring the nature of oral history, its strengths and limitations, its power to engage audiences, tell the stories of the traditionally marginalised or voiceless and enrich documentary and photographic archives; the ethics of oral history interviewing; methodologies and techniques; and recording and equipment. We supported volunteers to carry out practice interviews, reflected with them on their experiences and carried out troubleshooting. On completion, volunteers were equipped to create a small archive of oral history interviews which will inform the You, Me and Tea exhibition and publication and be donated at the close of the project to National Museums NI and the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.